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Walls Serves up Four Hoop Break to Bag Sidmouth Success in Cornwall

Updated: May 5, 2020

Sidmouth Herald published 23 May 2013

Photo: Cornwall’s Peter Schofield in action

Sidmouth travelled to Cornwall in the South West Federation Croquet League in cold and windy conditions but brought back a hard fought victory.

In the morning Colin Walls and Ian Friedlander won their doubles match and Peter Nelson won an authoritative game, pegging out while his opponent had only scored four hoops.

Having lost their other singles game Sidmouth needed to win two of the four singles in the afternoon to keep their lead.

Peter Hills and Ian Friedlander struggled against in-form opponents leaving it up to the other two team members.

Peter Nelson pulled off an audacious comeback from a deficit of 22 hoops, running two superb breaks to the peg to steal the game.

In the last game Colin Walls found form just ten minutes from time and his four hoop break was enough to win the game and the match.

The home side were superb hosts and, as always, provided an excellent tea.

The Sidmouth team’s only regret was having to leave some wonderful cakes on the table

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