Book A Lawn

Members may book:

2 sessions [i.e. 2 x 1 hour 30 minutes] ahead for friendly matches.

3 sessions ahead [i.e. 3 x 1 hour 30 minutes] ahead for Club Competitions.

For Club Competitions book using the 'red' Tournament Code colour. 

After your name add GC or AC Dbls / Singles

This ensures members will not make a double-bank booking

NB:  Lawn 1 Primary - Lawn 1 Secondary is to facilitate double-banked play AC with AC or GC with GC only

No double-banking with a Competition / Tournament booked session

Do Not Book both A & B just because you are playing doubles

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to go to




The Club's Booking System

[Use 'hot links']

How to Book a Lawn

How to Set-up Initially


Initial Set-up

If you who did not begin to use the new Booking System, wef 29 Nov 20, the instructions for use are here.


If you kept the email Philip Harris sent you then follow the instructions therein, example below. If you did not then email Philip Harris who will email a new instruction, e.g.

You MUST change the initial password after first logging-in before doing anything else 

After initial registration, i.e. having followed the email instructions above, you can click straight onto the booking sheets.


Subsequently, when returning to the booking site

Click on the lawn icon, above right; or the icon you have saved on you favourites bar:

click on a session which takes you immediately to the log-in screen

Enter required details, probably this detail including password if ‘saved’, click on ‘Login’

You are now at the actual booking page [below]

Enter ‘Brief Description’ of Forename Initial & Surname in full plus

If playing singles enter Singles

If playing Doubles enter Doubles

In ‘Full Description’ box:

Type in names of other player[s] involved in the booking

Check lawn selected is the one you clicked on

Select AC /GC or Tournament for Club Competitions and add AC /GC

Click on ‘Confirm’.

That’s it.