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Covid-19 Booking Rules Updated 4 July 20

Don't forget to complete a Participation Card and fill it in, they could be critical this year.


1. Only members who have renewed their subscription this season are permitted to play.

2. Booking slots will revert to 1 hour 30 minutes

3. Lawns 1 to 4 will be open unless, as always, the groundsman needs treatment access.  As so much has been missed this will occur and, maybe at short notice.  Check the booking website before departing home.

4. Doubles play is permissible but Double Banking is not.

5. Wef 4 July you may make 4 1.5 Hr bookings in any configuration.  This facilitates AC full games and Best of Three GC games to be arranged without time wasted.

NB: The booking system records the booker but not the players.  It is the responsibility of the person booking a lawn to record with whom they played.  This is especially important for doubles. It is suggested an entry is made in your diary.  We cannot provide a ledger for obvious reasons.

6.   Parking permits remain unavailable.

7. Guests, visitors and spectators are allowed.


See full guidance here 

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