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Sidmouth Short Croquet - 19/20 May 2022

John Coombes won Sidmouth Croquet Club Short Croquet competition.

Sidmouth Croquet club held their first club competition last week. This was a Short Croquet competition which is an Association Croquet game played on small lawns and a time limit of 1¼ hours each game with both players usually having bisques.

Eight players entered so each player over the two days played all the other players. The handicap range was large with the best player having to do 1 peel to the highest handicap player having 9 bisques.

After the four rounds that were played on the Thursday John Coombes was ahead having won all 4 of his games followed by Sue Dent and Duncan Hasell who each won 3 of the 4 games played.

Three more rounds were played on the Friday. John Coombes was the player to beat and this was achieved by Richard Croft in round 7.

However John had won all his previous games so he was the overall winner with 6 wins. Duncan Hasell was second with 5 wins and Sue Dent third with 4 wins. Three players, Richard Croft, Kelvin Dent and Philip Harris achieved three wins.

As a result of his success John Coombes’s handicap was reduced. All the players enjoyed the competition because it was good to be able to safely play competitions again after 2 years of restrictions.

Philip Harris

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