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Sidmouth SE Golf Croquet Team Beaten at Kingston Maurward

Sidmouth Herald published 25 May 2018

Sidmouth SE Golf Croquet Team travelled to Kingston Maurward to play in the South West Federation Golf Croquet League, writes Richard Thurlow. The club here must have one of the prettiest settings of all croquet clubs as it is in the grounds of Kingston Maurward College and surrounded by large mature trees of many varieties.

Kingston Maurward has two lawns - one almost full size and one half size, which makes for an interesting experience for visitors.

The first three games, a double and two singles, were won by Sidmouth, but by the time 12 games had been played the score was in favour of the home team at 7.5 to 4.5.

The Sidmouth team managed to win only three of the eight remaining games, thus Kingston Maurward won with a final score of 12.5 to 7.5

Sidmouth’s Michael Hide lost an early doubles match, but then went on to win a doubles and three singles, thus scoring over half Sidmouth’s total.

Many of the games were won by the players of the home side because of their skills in jump shots (this is when a ball is in or near the hoop and the opposition player jumps the ball over it, through the hoop.)

Without this skill, the result may well have been different, so Sidmouth took home an important lesson.

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