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Sidmouth SE Croquet Team Land First Win of the Season with Thrilling Last Game Win Over East Dorset

Sidmouth Herald published 22 July 2016

On the hottest day of the year (July 19), Sidmouth Croquet Club welcomed a team from East Dorset to play in the South West Federation Golf Croquet League, writes David Butler

The visitors fielded a team of seven with the lowest handicap being one, whereas Sidmouth SE team of five with a lowest handicap of four.

After the first 12 games in the morning, three doubles and nine singles, the score was eight-and-a-half to three-and-a-half to the visitors. The Sidmouth players had difficulty playing East Dorset’s low handicap players, only John Coombes having a good win over Mark Hamann – handicap one.

After lunch and a break from the heat, Sidmouth won three of the next four games, bringing the score to Sidmouth six-and-a-half to the nine-and-a-half for East Dorset.

So could Sidmouth possibly win this match? Remaining in the contest were the final four singles.

The first two games to finish were good wins for Sidmouth (7-4), then the third game finished with a 13th hoop win by Sidmouth’s Richard Thurlow (7-6).

The scores were now level at nine-and-a-half points each. Unknown to him, all eyes were now on Steve Pearson – what was he going to do?

After five minutes of excitement and apprehension Steve, a player in his second year, won the match, beating East Dorset’s more experienced player six hoops to four. So Sidmouth SE had their first win of the season!

Most players played five games and the Man of the Match has to be Steve Pearson who won four games and drew one.

John Coombes won three and drew one and Michael Hide won three games.

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