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Sidmouth Give Wellington The Boot In 4-1 Triumph

Sidmouth Herald published 27 June 2013

Sidmouth B league team played their second game of the season at home against Wellington on a very miserable wet day, writes Colin Walls.

The morning’s games went well, Sidmouth winning their doubles and singles matches.

Luckily, after lunch, the weather improved slightly in as much as the rain had stopped.

The first two games in the afternoon were won by Sidmouth with just the last game to finish.

John Coombes of Sidmouth and John Pugsley of Wellington were equal with still a little time left on the clock.

Pugsley managed to get three more hoops leaving Coombes to hit in and catch up, which he did.

Unfortunately, after an excellent attempt, Coombes managed to only get one more hoop leaving Pugsley the winner with Sidmouth overall winners to a 4-1 score line.

And as always the day ended with an excellent tea provided by Gill Hodge.

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