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Sidmouth Croquet Team Win Well at St Agnes

Sidmouth Herald published 16 June 2016

Sidmouth’s Golf Croquet team travelled to their furthest west opponents at St Agnes on Monday to play a Handicap League fixture, writes David Butler.

The St Agnes club was formed two years ago and members describe its lawns as being ‘an ex pony field’, certainly the balls jumped around more than they would on Sidmouth’s level lawns!

All of the St Agnes players had high handicaps which gave them many extra shots against the more experienced Sidmouth team.

Honours were even across the first two rounds, but Sidmouth took charge in round three to hold an 8-4 lunchtime advantage.

The afternoon session brought more success for Sidmouth with the final score being a decisive 14 games to six in favour of the visitors.

Andrew Thomas and new team member Paul Bradley were outstanding, winning all four of their games. Philip Harris won three games and drew two despite giving away between five and seven extra turns in each of his games, a very impressive performance on away lawns.

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