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Sidmouth Croquet Team Tame The Bears

Sidmouth Herald published 9 June 2016

In 2014 The Bears were asked to vacate their home at The Bear of Rodborough Hotel near Stroud due to the hotel needing to expand and have not had a home lawn to play on for the last year.

However, The Royal Agricultural University, close to Cirencester, came up trumps and provided a one-lawn facility which they also maintain.

The club is strong for its size, with six of its members having a handicap of five or better.

On the day, teams of four were fairly evenly matched.

In the morning, the doubles pairing of Mike Taylor and David Clarke narrowly beat Keith and Kate Apperley (plus1) and in the singles Dave Mundy beat Robert Moss (plus 14) and Roger Hendy beat Richard Way (plus 9).

After a fine lunch provided by our caterer Gill Hodge, the remaining four singles were played, with Dave Mundy beating Richard Way (plus 23), David Clarke beating Kate Apperley (plus 15), Roger Hendy beating Keith Apperley (plus 6) and Mike Taylor losing to Robert Moss (minus 11).

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