Sidmouth Croquet Team Net Superb Success over Plymouth Side

Sidmouth Journal published 20 July 2017

Photo: Sidmouth Croquet Ref shsp 27 17TI 6456 Picture Terry Ife

Sidmouth croquet team had a merry dance against a team from Plymouth in a SWF Golf Croquet Match, writes Richard Thurlow.

Plymouth fielded a team of eight players with handicaps ranging from plus 10 to minus one which represents a huge range!

We played 20 matches in total and the final result was Sidmouth 13, Plymouth 7; fortunately their minus one player lost all his games as he had a huge number of extra turns as a handicap against him.

The top Sidmouth player on the day was Steve Pearson, who won the four games he contested.

Michael Hide was a close second, he won three games.

This was a third win of the season for the Sidmouth team and, as I don’t know how many matches we’ve played, I can give you no indication of how good a result this is!

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