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Sidmouth Croquet Team Edged Out at Cheltenham

Sidmouth Herald published 9 June 2016

Sidmouth Croquet Club’s second Parkstone League match was contested last week, writes David Butler.

Sadly for the Sidmouth team, a visit to Cheltenham ended in another narrow defeat, 4-3.

The match, however, was not without tension, because, in the morning, two games were level on time and play continued until another hoop was run.

The Sidmouth doubles partnership of Derek Andrew (6) and Philip Harris (6) was level against Daryl Whitehead (4.5) and Klim Seabright (5) and Derek hit in and ran the deciding hoop to win the game plus one.

Colin Walls (4.5) was also level against Graham Roberts (4), but Colin missed his hit in and so lost minus one.

Peter Nelson (4.5) lost minus 11 to Roger Willbourn (3.5).

In the afternoon the four singles games were more clear cut with with Derek and Philip continuing to play well, winning plus 17 and plus five against Klim and Daryl respectively.

However, Colin and Peter struggled with Colin losing minus 10 to Roger, and Peter losing minus five to Graham.

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