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Sidmouth Croquet Club Skills Tournament Enjoyed By All

Sidmouth Journal published 4 August 2017

Graeme Pryor Sidmouth Croquet Ref shsp 27 17TI 6447. Picture Terry Ife

The wet weather intervened again when Sidmouth’s South West Federation (SWF) golf croquet team travelled to Barnstaple, writes Richard Thurlow.

The elements did not deter us as we won four of the first five games of doubles. We continued to some win games, (but not in sufficient numbers), so the Barnstaple team managed to win overall to the tune of a 12-8 score line.

Meanwhile, a tremendous turnout of 34 players participated in our skills tournament which was played on a rare rain-free day!

It served up an afternoon of light-hearted fun with players attempting a range of different croquet shots and scoring points accordingly, for both forms of the game.

For the first time this year we ran a golf croquet skills competition as more club members now play golf croquet.

The AC competition was won by Andrew Thomas (highest score without handicap) and new member Rob Baylis won the handicap competition.

The golf croquet competition winners were Philip Harris (highest score without handicap) and Roger Hendy won the handicap competition.

So, there we are then, I have mentioned a number of people, and I hope that they are pleased.

I have been told though, that one person who I haven’t mentioned is Julie Sorrell, our social secretary and biscuit provider – she too is now mentioned.

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