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Sidmouth Croquet Club Set to Launch New Season

Sidmouth Journal published 25 March 2017

Sidmouth Croquet Club launches a new season early next month, writes Richard Thurlow.

The new term begins on Saturday, April 1, not a good omen, maybe the date itself should be forgotten.

Perhaps that date is best ‘forgotten’, however, the following Saturday provides a much more important date for Saturday, April 8 is when the croquet club throws open its door when all prospective new members are invited to ‘have a go’.

Proceedings get underway at 10am and the invitation is to one and all to come along and try the wonderful sport of croquet which has, in some quarters, been described as ‘a mix between snooker and chess’.

At Sidmouth Croquet Club we have four lawns to play on, all with the sea close by, and arguably presenting one of the finest views in Sidmouth!

It’s a game for all ages and all legally allowable sexes.

It doesn’t need strength, but a certain amount of ball control and cunning.

We all mix together and we’ve a good social life.

So why not give it a go?

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