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Sidmouth Croquet Club Holding ‘Taster Session’ this Saturday (April 8)

Sidmouth Journal published 5 April 2017

Photo [LtoR] Peter Nelson [Chairman] Julie Sorrell [Social Secretary] Penny Ball [Secretary] Andrew Thomas [Grounds]

Sidmouth croquet players were cock-a-hoop last Saturday at the opening of the lawns for this season’s croquet, writes Richard Thurlow. The weather was fine; the freshly cut lawns were a delight to play on and the hoops, newly painted, shone in the spring sunshine.

Two demonstration matches, one of Association croquet and one of Golf croquet were played, the whiteness of the players’ attire dazzling the eye.

These matches allegedly showed the spectators how croquet should really be played. However, many of them, unable to reconcile their own mean skills with those being demonstrated on the lawns, had drifted off to enjoy the further delights of the Spring lunch and the refreshments that preceded it.

Seriously though, a very enjoyable afternoon, which we hope will continue through the season.

Over 100 members have rejoined for this season and we are hoping to attract more this coming Saturday (April 8) at our ‘Taster’ session for new members.

The taster session gets underway from 10am and all-comers are going to find themselves made very welcome.

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