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Sidmouth B Power to 4-1 Exeter Victory

Sidmouth Herald published 30 June 2011

Sidmouth Herald published 30 June 2011Sidmouth Herald published 30 June 2011

The Sidmouth B League team had a successful match at home against Exeter, writes Mike Taylor.

The doubles pairing of Muriel Philpott and Paul Griew quickly established a four-hoop lead, but Exeter retaliated with a three-hoop run.

The game then developed into a tense battle, with Sidmouth winning 12-11 on time.

Peter Nelson’s singles game was clearer cut, with him pegging out to win 14-9.

In the three afternoon singles, Nelson continued his good form and again pegged out to win 14-7.

Philpott lost to the Exeter captain 10-14 and Griew won 14-11 with ten minutes to spare seeing Sidmouth to a 4-1 overall victory.

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