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Piper leads the way

Sidmouth Herald published 10 August 2012

Sidmouth golf croquet team completed a series of seven consecutive match wins.

The Dowlish Wake lawns, with their steep and irregular gradients, present a challenge to any visitors and, from the start, Sidmouth found themselves struggling. By the end of the morning they were trailing with 4½ points to Dowlish Wake’s 7½ points. (A drawn game counts as half point to each side) To win the match they needed to win six of the remaining eight games in the afternoon.

Somehow the necessary resources were found and Sidmouth had seven further wins and one draw. The eventual score being Sidmouth 12, Dowlish Wake 8.

Particularly good performances in the singles games were put in by Graeme Pryor (including a 7-1 win) and Margaret Piper. On the Dowlish Wake side Peter Mallen was unbeaten in his three singles games with two wins and one draw. The Dowlish Wake hosts were very welcoming and lived up to their reputation as one of the friendliest clubs in the South West.

The Sidmouth team is now looking forward to taking part in the South West League regional semi-finals.

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