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Parkstone Promotion

Updated: May 9, 2020

The South West Croquet Federation runs league matches at all levels for Association and Golf Croquet. For Association Croquet, there are 3 divisions at the top-level where teams compete in level, advanced play for the Parkstone Trophy. On Thursday 22 August 2019 Sidmouth team won its last match of the season against Nailsea B 4 - 1.

Readers may recall the very close match reported in the Herald on 26th when Sidmouth played Bath at home. Bath fielded a minus 1.5 handicapped player but, nevertheless, the match was only decided in the last-to-finish game which went into extra time when the ‘Golden Hoop’ was played for. That match Bath won 4 – 3. However, the Sidmouth team triumphed in the return match at Bath winning 5 – 2. Thus, on aggregate, 8 – 6, the Sidmouth team is promoted to Division 1. A very pleasing outcome but a very challenging season for 2020.

L to R: Chris Donovan, Colin Walls, Peter Nelson, Richard Wood [Team Captain]

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