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Federation form

Sidmouth Herald publish 1 June 2012

Federation League Match v Plymouth

Sidmouth were host to a team of three players from Plymouth in their second Federation League match of the season.

Plymouth seemd to be on form and had beaten Cornwall 5-0 in a previous match so their visit was anticipated with some trepidation.

In the morning, the doubles pair of Graham Harford and Mike Taylor were on good form and won by 22 hoops, but the young Plymouth player Alain Schaffert made clever use of his bisque allocation to win his singles match against Derek Andrew.

After lunch three singles were played: Derek Andrew beat a stubborn Brian Stephens by five and Mike won comfortably by 15 against Bob Savage.

The final game between Alain and Graham looked to be going Alain's way as he had a considerable lead after an hour's play.

However, Graham steadily clawed his way back and when time was called had levelled the game, which then went to a Golden Hoop shootout. Alain hit the peg from 20 yards with his last shot to win the game, but it wasn't enough to save the overall match

: Result Sidmouth 3, Plymouth 2


Federation B League Match v Exeter

The B league is for croquet players with handicaps in the range 16 to 24. The Sidmouth team, of John Dixon, Paul Griew, Anne Reece and Pamela Bowra, had their first away match of the season against Exeter on Thursday.

The morning seemed set fair for Sidmouth, who won two of the three games. In the afternoon, however, under a blazing sun Sidmouth wilted.

The four games were strongly fought but Exeter came out on top in all of them.

Result Exeter 5, Sidmouth 2

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