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Cricket Balls and Croquet do not Mix!

Sidmouth Herald published 17 July 2015

A good win for Sidmouth southeast was somewhat marred by incidents with cricket balls, writes David Butler.

Sidmouth fielded seven players for this match. In the opening round Sidmouth got off to a very poor start, losing all three singles games and winning only their doubles. However, they rallied well in the second round, in which they won two doubles and a singles game, losing only a singles, so levelling the score at 4-all.

In the remaining three rounds Sidmouth steadily gained ground and ended the match with a solid win at 13 games to 7.

The best performances by Sidmouth players were those of Edward and Margaret Colman who won all their games. Other good performances were by Michael Cunliffe, Anne Gedge, and John Coombes, who each won their doubles and two singles games, but lost their third singles

In the final round a number of cricket balls were hit from the adjacent cricket field - where a match with Brighton Brunswick was in progress - right across lawns three and four. The players on lawn four became particularly nervous, as there is an unfenced gap between the cricket field and that lawn.

Eventually they became reluctant to remain on that lawn; and the two games were suspended and transferred to lawn two.

All concerned hope that something can be done to alleviate the problem before further matches.

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