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2024 GC Teams Event

The Sidmouth Croquet Team Challenge Tournament

Sidmouth Croquet Club hosted a GC Team Challenge event over the weekend of 11 and 12 May.

Eight teams took part coming from Budleigh, Chester, East Dorset, Glamorgan, Northampton, Ryde Isle of Wight, Taunton and the hosts Sidmouth.

This is a fun weekend (although competitive) where the teams play each other twice over the 2 days. Each team comprises 3 players and in each round a singles and a doubles game is played and points are scored for a win.

After the first day the leaders were Hammered (Ryde Isle of Wight) on 140 points, second on 125 points were The SAS (Budleigh) and equal third on 100 points were Mallet Marauders (Northampton) and Sidmouth Sharks .

Seven more rounds were played on the second day. After six rounds The SAS were in the lead with Sharks a close second, 20 points behind. In the last round the Sharks had to win their last 2 games hoping The SAS would lose both of their games. It was not to be with The SAS winning both and the Sharks winning only one game.

The final positons were first on 250 points The SAS (Stuart, Adrian and Sue), second on 220 points were Sidmouth Sharks and equal third on 215 points were Hammered and Mallet Marauders (last year’s winners).

The tournament was efficiently run by Louise Smith and everybody vowed to return next year and endeavour to play better.

Philip Harris

Sidmouth Croquet Club

PS Photos taken by Ed Dolphin

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