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Sidmouth South East Defeat Visiting Dowlish Wake South East

Sidmouth Herald published 4 June 2015

Sidmouth South East enjoyed victory when they entertained Dowlish Wake South East, writes David Butler.

The match was played in brilliant sunshine and it was the home side who ended the day with a narrow success.

The match was played in five rounds of four games each (four doubles and 16 singles).

Sidmouth led at the end of the first round only for Dowlish Wake to have levelled things up at 4-4 by the conclusion of round two.

In the third and fourth rounds, Sidmouth moved ahead again to hold a 9-7 advantage after four rounds.

In the final round the visitors got back into contention, but Sidmouth held their nerve to seal a ten-and-a-half to nine-and-a-half success (half points are handed out in drawn games).

Then highest individual score of the day was recorded by John Coombes who won his doubles (playing with Margaret Colman), and both his singles.

The next best in terms of home success was the performance of Margaret Colman, who won her doubles (with John Coombes) and one single whilst Anne Ractcliffe, who also won her doubles (playing with Michael Hide), and one singles match.

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