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Griew Beats the Weather and the Field to Win 14-point Croquet Match at Sidmouth

Sidmouth Herald published 13 June 2013

On a wet Tuesday, four players took part in the 14-point game one-day tournament for high handicap players, writes Colin Walls.

Even though Paul Griew arrived back from holiday only the night before, he played carefully and consistently throughout to win the tournament by winning all three of his games.

In his first game he initially played tentatively but showed his experience by saving his four bisques to use in the last 20 minutes of play to beat Sue Dent 8-5.

In the other game Anne Reece and John Davies were level at 4-4 on time. Play continued until a further hoop was run by the former, for her to win 5-4.

In the second game Griew won a low scoring game against Reece, emerging 4-1 victory whilst Davies hit form to beat Dent 11-2.

In the third game Reece defeated dent 9-6, whilst Griew, now full of confidence played competently to peg out against Davies to claim a 14-3 triumph.

Griew drew on his experience and his play improved as the day progressed to be a deserved tournament winner.

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