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Bowra wins the High Bisquers Tournament

28 July 2011

Photo: LtoR: Pam Bowra , Muriel Philpott

The High Bisquers (18 point Association Croquet) Tournament was organised and managed by Nancy Temple, assisted by her husband David with Mike Taylor and Margaret Piper as referees.

The competition was restricted to players with handicaps in the range 18-24 and saw Muriel Philpott (18) and Pam Bowra (20) reach the final.

These two players certainly justified their success and showed good basic knowledge of the game.

Pam won the game +6 and was close to pegging out at the end.

Both players showed good skills in the various shots needed in Association Croquet.

As a general observation, however, all players in the Tournament would undoubtedly reduce their handicaps more quickly if they were to concentrate more on the tactics involved in “break play” and the use of bisques to initiate breaks.

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