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Croquet Club Facilities


The Croquet Club shares superb facilities with cricket and tennis as part of the Sidmouth Fortfield Sports Complex. Croquet was played in Victorian Sidmouth as early as 1900 as part of the original Sidmouth Cricket, Tennis, Croquet & Hockey Club. As well as hosting National Tournaments, the Croquet club holds its own competitions and is a member of the South West Federation League, competing at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.


Members enjoy full clubhouse facilities with bar and in-house catering. The club has a friendly atmosphere and an ongoing social life including events such as dinners, demonstrations, illustrated talks, fun events, wine and buffet evenings and other activities. After a croquet session, it is good to be able to watch a game of cricket over a well-earned drink!

About the Club


Spectators are always welcome and members will be pleased to explain the finer points of the game. Recruitment is via a 'Taster Day' for newcomers in early Spring with several sessions of coaching thereafter. Continuation coaching continues as best suits. We are always pleased to accept new members with a Handicap but may ask complete novice to go on a waiting list for the following year - it can be very demanding of a members time to coach ad hoc novices wishing to play.


All that is needed to play is a pair of flat soled shoes as the Club can provide mallets and other equipment. So please feel free to contact us and come along and come along to enjoy this super game in a very friendly atmosphere!

Who's Who?

The club relies heavily on volunteers, particularly committee members, to carry out various tasks. Some of them are detailed below.

Who's Who Table
'Rogues Gallery'
Club Minutes 1966 - 2023


A Potted History of the Club
(based on information compiled by Iris Dwerryhouse)


1823 The Cricket Club was formed. It was one of the earliest in the West Country. It became a major cricketing centre.


1875 The Club was the birthplace of Somerset County Cricket.


1880 Players helped to rebuild the Pavilion.


1881 The Tennis Club was formed.


1886 The Fortfield was used for athletics, archery, and rugby.

1900 Croquet starts to be played.


1907 Formal croquet lawns were laid.

1908 First Open TCroquet Tournament played.


1914 During WW1 and WW2 the Fortfield was used for military training, and the Americans played baseball.


1953 Croquet tournaments ended.


1960 A strong Junior tennis section was formed. The last tournament was played in 1967


1968 Only 3 croquet members and one lawn. Pat Tunmel formed a new committee which Iris Dwerryhouse joined.


1973 There were fifty croquet members and the club received an award from the Croquet Association.


2005 Now over a 100 croquet members. The club was flourishing, with numerous internal and some Open tournaments.

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