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Thorley and Griew Land Title Success at Sidmouth

Sidmouth Herald published 29 August 2013

Golf Croquet Cunningham Salver (Singles)

Last week Sidmouth Croquet Club held its annual Golf Croquet Singles tournaments, writes Helen Pryor

On Monday it was the high handicap players competing for the Cunningham Salver (singles).

Players ranged from experienced players to a novice who had only joined the club this year.

Play was in two blocks, players each playing four games. Three rounds of games were played before lunch and two after.

In one block (six players) David Butler, a comparative newcomer, was the only one to win three games (others mostly winning two) thus earning himself a place in the final. In the other block (seven players) the result was more even, with three players each winning three of their games.

The player who went through to the final, Paul Griew, had beaten each of the others so, by The Croquet Association rules, he went into the final. In the final Griew, the more experienced player, managed to beat Butler by five hoops to three.


The Hatherley Cup

The following day the low handicap players competed for the Hatherley Cup. This was played in two blocks of seven, all players playing four games. As with the previous day, there were three rounds before lunch and two rounds after lunch. In each block one player won all his games, thus ensuring a place in the final. Keith Thorley and Ian Simpson, both keen Golf Croquet players and members of the South West Federation Golf Croquet teams, did well to beat some of the club low handicap Association Croquet players who can hit hard, clearing balls away from hoops and off the court, but lacking the tactics and subtlety of play of regular Golf Croquet players. They deserved to be in the final which, after a fast game, was won by Thorley, the more experienced player. The score was Thorley seven, Simpson two.

Well done to all the finalists, and to all players who took part in these enjoyable tournaments, on lovely sunny days.

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