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The Seagull

Updated: Feb 26

 “ The Seagull” is an AC competition held between Sidmouth and Budleigh Salterton twice a year at both clubs. It is very keenly fought for, Sidmouth having won it in April and were eager to retain it.

Two teams of 7 gathered on a lovely sunny day at Sidmouth. Handicaps ranged from 1-12. One doubles match had to be played to ensure an outright winner. At lunchtime the score was 5-1 to Sidmouth but in the afternoon Budleigh had closed the gap, the score being 5-2 to them. However we retained “our bird” by one game! “The seagull” is staying at home. Budleigh took home “The Dead Parrot” as consolation!

A fun day enjoyed by all. We look forward to retaining “our Bird” next Year.

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