On Monday 19 July we are going to open Hut 3 to allow you to leave/store your mallets in there. The keys to Hut 3 will be kept, as before, in the mallet room, part of the main clubhouse. It is the responsibility of the last person playing to lock Hut 3 and return the keys to the mallet room. The Lavatory key in the Keysafe at Hut 3 opens the mallet room door.


We feel we must still be cautious and we ask you to continue to respect social distancing and take other precautions you feel appropriate when inside/entering/leaving Hut 3.


We will continue to keep the croquet balls in the lawn 1 hut and lawn 2 shelter and ask you to continue with ball/hand washing precautions.


Please continue to record your name in the book when attending roll-ups and GC team practice.


At present we do not want you to prepare refreshments (tea/coffee) in Hut 3 so we ask you to continue to bring your own.


Enjoy your croquet and keep safe and healthy.