Short Croquet - The Game and How it is Played


Short Croquet is a slightly modified version of Association Croquet.  It is played on half size lawns.  The main difference is, that when your opponent finishes his turn, you must have an unobstructed line from either of your two balls to the other. If this is not the case then you are permitted to pick-up one of your balls and place it to your advantage on the South Boundary [A Baulk] or North Boundary [B Baulk] – it can confer great advantage.


A Short Croquet game is usually timed at 1 Hour 15 minutes.  In 99% of cases both players have ‘bisques’ i.e. extra turns, which may be played as best suits the state of your play and advantage.


The format is increasingly popular in the UK and particularly in the South West.  Because it is played on half lawns it is more easily ‘picked-up’ than playing on a full-size lawn and many really good players use it to enhance their skills before trying them on a full size lawn regardless of the fact that an inexperienced player with bisques may ‘easily’ trounce them!!


We use this short lawn / half lawn to introduce new members to both Golf Croquet and Association Croquet and this emphasises that croquet is played for fun and pleasure above all else.