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Sidmouth Cricket Tennis & Croquet Club

The Pavilion, Fortfield, Sidmouth EX10 8NT


Privacy of Personal Information (PI) Policy



In accordance with the guidance issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office, Sidmouth Cricket, Tennis & Croquet Club will adhere to the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ensure best practice for managing all members’ Personal Information (PI)effective May 2018.  This PI policy builds on what we already do today; that is to give members’ Personal Information (PI) the respect and security it deserves.


All Club members agree to comply with the clauses given below.


  • The Section Membership Secretaries will maintain a register of members of their own sections who agree to their personal information been held by the Club for internal communications purposes. The Club Hon. Secretary will maintain the main database  for all members personal information to be used for internal communication purposes.


  • In addition, the Membership Secretary for Cricket, Tennis and Croquet will have their own enhanced National Body Privacy Policy set out by those bodies taking into account information for junior members.


  • This policy must be agreed annually at the Club annual general meeting and any changes reviewed and agreed at that meeting.   It must also, at all times, accord with the GDPR.


  • This policy applies to members PI stored on a computer hard disc, a remote data storage device or as printed matter held by Membership Section Secretaries and the Club Hon Secretary.


  • Personal Information (PI), in this context, includes all data that can be attributed to person and includes, but is not limited to, name, name of partner, address, date of birth, email address and telephone numbers.


  • PI used within the Club will be limited to the minimum necessary to administer the Club membership, Club accounts, functions and visits organised by the club.  All members have the right to cancel their consent to the holding of data by the Club. When a member ceases to be a member of the Club, their details are to be deleted from the appropriate databases.


  • PI held for the administration of the Club must be held on a password-protected computer. Back-up copies of data stored on remote data storage devices must also be password protected. Printed PI must only be stored within the confines of a Club member’s house or the Clubhouse.


  • Files containing PI must be password-protected if distributed by email. A duty of care will be expected when printed PI is carried from a member’s home to another place.


  • PI must be deleted from any computer or remote data storage devices after it has been used.  Printed matter containing PI must be destroyed by shredding, or made illegible, as soon as possible after it has been used.


  • PI will not, under any circumstances, be used for profit either by the Club, a Club member or through any outside club, agency or any company.

When this document is issued the following bullet point and signayture block are included


  • Please signify your agreement to this policy by the club holding/using your personal information by signing this document at the time of membership renewal or if becoming a new member and returning to the Section Membership Secretary as noted on the membership form


I agree the Sidmouth Cricket, Tennis & Croquet Privacy Policy communicating with me by using my Personal Information for club matters only.

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