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Sidmouth Edge Out Budleigh in thriller

Sidmouth Herald published 17 July 2015

The Sidmouth croquet team had a narrow 4-3 win at home to neighbours Budleigh Salterton in their third Federation Leaque match, writes David Butler.

The Sidmouth doubles partnership of Mike Taylor and Philip Harris had to give six bisques to the Budleigh Salterton partnership of Wendy Dominguez and Rosemary Bradshaw. Mike and Philip had to play tactically to force Wendy and Rosemary to use their bisques. After one-and-a-half hours Sidmouth were trailing by seven hoops, but with all the bisques used they were able to play more aggressively and won (plus six on time).

In the two morning singles games Ian Friedlander found Sam Watts in scintillating form and lost (minus 14) in less than two hours.

Colin Walls played carefully against Alan Rush to peg out and win (plus 15).

Four singles were played in the afternoon and all the games ended by a peg-out. Mike Taylor had to give five bisques to Wendy Domingeuz who used them sensibly to win (plus 19) in quick time.

Philip Harris managed to curtail Sam Watts to win (plus nine). Ian Friedlander played determinedly against Alan Rush, but lost (minus five).

The match was delicately balanced at 3-all with Colin Walls still playing Rosemary Bradshaw. Colin had to give Rosemary seven bisques and, after two-and-a-half hours of tactical play the bisques had been used and the game was finely balanced at 15 hoops each. Rosemary had laid up with her two balls on the boundary. Colin hit them and then proceeded to run seven hoops and eventually won the game (plus 11) to secure the match win.

Everybody enjoyed the after-match tea provided by Gill Hodge.

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