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Dixon Delight wth Victory, But Sidmouth Undone In The Duchy

Sidmouth Herald published 27 June 2013

On a misty Tuesday morning Sidmouth’s intermediate team set off early for St Austell for their match against Cornwall, writes Colin Walls.

The morning games started in thick sea mist with players just able to see the other end of the lawn.

The doubles partnership of Margaret Piper and Philip Harris struggled with the pace of the lawn and lost minus 14.

In the singles John Dixon ran out of bisques to lose minus four.

Graeme Pryor used his bisques prudently and was level on time.

Play continued during which he drew on his experience and played cannily for 15 minutes before he ran the golden hoop to win plus one.

The mist cleared in the afternoon, but only John Dixon was able to capitalise to win plus 14.

The other Sidmouth players lost all three of their singles to lose the match 2 to 5.

The loss was compensated by the weather improving to brilliant sunshine and having Cornish strawberries and cream at tea.

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