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David & Nancy Temple Awarded a Croquet Association Diploma for Services to Croquet

In recognition of David and Nancy's many and varied contributions to the Club's development a successful bid was made for CA Diplomas. These were awarded, formally, at the CA AGM on Friday 16th October 2020. The forwarded application was:

David and Nancy Temple retired to Sidmouth, took up croquet and proceeded to get heavily involved in all aspects of the game and the club over many years. They worked tirelessly, on and off the committee, developing the sport in Sidmouth and were instrumental in building the club’s membership to practical capacity. They were particularly keen to support and mentor new members and always willing to coach developing players. Overall, they helped to make Sidmouth a welcoming, recognised croquet venue at home and abroad.

David was committee chairman for several years and represented the section on the General Management Committee [GMC] of this large, multi-sport club. His opinion was always sought and he is recognised as a man who ‘get things done’. He masterminded the fund raising for the irrigation system which is still talked about by the GMC. No wonder that he is now the overall club president.

Nancy, became a proficient player and then took-up tournament management. She managed the open B Level event for several years with an excellent balance of strictness, good humour and flexibility. She also ran internal competitions and, as social secretary, maintained a busy social calendar; ensuring the club ‘worked’ for all.

They were both club handicappers and reliable SWF league players. Both played in the intermediate team, captained by Nancy and David turned-out for the advanced league. In all aspects the Temples participated; from provision of teas to shelter repair to construction of the ‘coffee cart’.

David and Nancy – a most effective team. Always willing to assist with sound advice and practical, hands-on help, from which the Club has greatly benefitted. Long overdue, David and Nancy well merit Croquet Association Diploma recognition.

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