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Another Successful B Class Tournament & Sidmouth Cunningham Salver Success for The Colmans

B Class AC Tournament

Two match reports this week, the first on a national Association Croquet tournament that Sidmouth CC, regularly hosts with players from all over the country and the second, an internal Golf Croquet tournament that attracts the best and the greatest players from the wide spectrum in the club, writes Richard Thurlow.

First up, the Association Croquet and the weather did not live up to expectations, but at least the one heavy downpour did occur whilst players were having lunch. Players were divided into two Blocks.

In Block A, Peter Nelson (Sidmouth CC) and Robert Moss (The Bears CC) both had five wins out of seven played. On ‘who beat whom’ Peter was declared the winner.

In Block B, Andrew Webb (Pendle and Craven CC), Roger Mills and Philip Harris both from Sidmouth CC all had five wins out of seven. Net points scored determined the winner and hence Andrew won with Philip in second place.

In the final, Andrew beat Peter Nelson plus eight to take home the Regency Salver.

Ian Friedlander (Sidmouth CC) who with handicap eight was the highest handicap player in the tournament, attained his Silver Merit Award with two devastating breaks in his game with Peter Nelson,

Philip Harris finished his game against David Houston, (Edinburgh CC) in just under one hour and 30 minutes to win the fastest game.

The prizes were presented by Nancy Temple, who had managed the tournament for many years but had retired from this duty last year, Julie Horsley now taking over the organisation.


Club's Golf Croquet Doubles - The Cunningham Salver

So to Golf Croquet, and the second tournament, the internal Golf Croquet handicap doubles, (the Cunningham Salver), was played in humid and sultry conditions last week, (the weather, not the players).

Some pairings were selected by the tournament organiser, other pairings were the result of marital agreement, (which also showed the strength or otherwise of partnership relations).

Each doubles team played at least four matches over the day in two blocks; the final being between the winners of each, Edward and Margaret Colman and Ian Friedlander and Margaret Piper, with Edward and Margaret carrying off the silverware in fine style and thus ensuring marital harmony and happiness.

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