COVID-19 Guidelines with effect from 10 October 2020


Limitations and protocols remain, as below. These are intended to keep our activities legal and responsible, and to keep everyone safe.  Within limitations safeguarding equipment will be provided and Guidance [Rules] published with which members should comply.  The decision to play remains entirely at the members’ risk.


A: Access and Booking


1.   First and foremost, do not come to the club if you or someone in your household is experiencing any Covid symptoms. Use the NHS website or helpline and seek advice. For your own protection, follow government advice about self-isolation and shielding if you are, or are living with, someone in one of the vulnerable groups.


2.   Only members who have renewed their subscription this season are permitted to play.

3.   You must book a lawn in advance on the club’s online booking system.

4.   Booking slots will continue to be 1 hour 30 minutes

2 of the lawns, rotating amongst all 4, will be open unless, as always, the groundsman needs treatment access or closes them due to inclement weather and a high damage possibility. Always check the booking website before departing home for up to date lawn closure.


Doubles play is permissible as is, wef 10 October 2020, Double Banking as long as there are no more than 4 players playing the lawn i.e. 2 x singles games but no doubles plus singles or another doubles game.

Procedure for Double-Banked Games

This means only singles games can be double-banked. Also double-banked games must be either both AC or both GC. Therefore it is important when booking a lawn to indicate whether you are playing AC or GC; an (A) will appear when booking AC, no code is shown for GC.


If any player wants to double-bank they must telephone the person who has booked the lawn to check it is not for doubles and then obtain their agreement to double-bank with them. It is hoped that now only two lawns are available double-banking will be agreed by most players. It will be good practise for entering CA tournaments in the future. If you are double-banking and need to mark a ball, please mark with a plastic marker NOT a coin.


We remind you that the player who has booked the lawn is responsible for recording in their diary the names of all players on the lawn.[That said any Covid-19 notification will be circulated to all members]


Also please note future bookings are reduced to 3 (from 4). ['Sharing' 2 x 1.5 Hr slots enable an AC 3 hr game]


5.   Parking permits remain unavailable.

B: Preparation


6.   Please arrive as close to your booking time as possible and depart as soon as possible after play and proper equipment cleaning if required. Do not stay at the club to socialise.


7.   Bring your own mallet and take it home with you after play.


8.   Remember to ‘swish’ the lawns if you are the first to play and swishing is required, this is important in winter play.


9.   Full hand washing facilities are not available. Carry your own hand sanitiser. Soap dispensers will be available and if used must be returned to lawn 2 shelter.

10.  If you wish to eat and drink, bring your own supplies.  Drinking water is only available from the outside tap by the Tennis Courts.  If you use it: follow the one-way system. Observe social distancing and ensure you comply with the posted cleansing rules.

11.  There will be no clips or bisques. Bring paper and pen to note clip positions, or counters for bisques.  There will also be no corner flags, corner pegs or stop boards. You may use your own sets in agreement with you opponent[s].

12.  There will be no access to the Cricket Pavilion toilets.  The public toilets on The Triangle are open. The Mallet Room and Hut 3 continue to be ‘unavailable’.

C: Arrival and Setup

13.  On arrival, SANITISE YOUR HANDS.


14. Sets of croquet balls will be in the lawn 1 Shelter and Lawn 2 shelter.  Cleansing equipment is provided.  Wash the balls before use.

15. The first players of the day need to collect fresh water for the bucket[s] and then clean the balls in soapy water. Leave the bucket of water and washing up liquid for the next players.

16.  Change: It would seem the common practice & usage has developed such that balls are passed between games without washing.  This is permissible if the balls have not been handled and if the incoming players agree.  Any doubt – wash!

17.  AC players should only position balls in play using their foot or mallet and both players should agree to relax rules 28(a)(14) i.e. a fault is committed if: in a croquet stroke, plays away from or fails to move or shake the croqueted ball.

C: Play

18.  During play, and at all times, keep social distance - Please bear this in mind if playing GC Doubles.

19.  Players should be their own referees and acknowledge faults and errors if they occur.

20.  Seating: Benches may be used or personal chairs but these should not be shared.

D: After play

21. After play, use the cloth and bucket of soapy water to clean the balls and replace them in the shelter, and clean anything else you have handled but see 16 above.

22.   If you are the last booked players for the day then, having washed the balls, dispose of the soapy water down the drain by the Cricket Pavilion and return the buckets to the shelters.  It is important that soapy water is not poured away onto the ground near the lawns or into the rainwater soakaways.  Sanitise your hands again before leaving.

23.  Take all rubbish and personal belongings home with you.

24.  If you start to feel unwell with a cough and/or temperature or if you have a positive COVID-19 test at any time after playing at the club please let the club secretary, Penny Ball, know immediately for contact-tracing purposes.

E: Visitors & Spectators.

25.  Guests, visitors and spectators are permissible so long as they do not gather in groups of more than 6 and they obey the social distancing rules. If you bring guests or visitors to watch or play ensure you note them on your calendar should you be contacted re a Covid-19 outbreak.


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