Play wef 17 May is far less restricted but you much keep social distance.

For Club Sessions the maximum 30 gathered in 1 place is now the limit. Be sure if we do not abide by this rule we will be reported.  It has happened before, even if incorrect.

Croquet Association Guidance

2021 Covid-19 Precautions for Playing Croquet

Version 4- 13th May 2021

The Croquet Association offers the following advice to clubs and players, to minimise the risk of infection by Covid-19. This version applies to clubs in England from 17 th May, when lockdown restrictions reach Step 3, until further notice, though revised guidelines are expected to be issued if there are further changes, hopefully when legal restrictions are removed in Step 4.

Both clubs and players should follow Government guidance, particularly those in vulnerable groups; this advice supplements that general guidance by covering situations specific to croquet and has been reviewed following a risk assessment, which clubs may adapt for their own use. The advice has been updated as shown in the change log at the end of the document. It may be further updated if government advice changes. These guidelines should be read in conjunction with that advice.

We want our community to stay physically and mentally healthy and as long as it is safe to do, and provided that it is consistent with Government guidance, we want to keep the croquet lawns open and available for members to use. We hope you all stay healthy and that we all get through these challenging times by looking to help each other where we can.

Meanwhile, keep safe, take care, look after yourself and, if possible, enjoy your croquet.

Advice to Clubs

The CA recommends that clubs adopt this advice and adapt it to their circumstances. The advice below recognises that there are measures that must be followed if our sport is to be managed in a safe way.

1. Clubhouses may open, but people using them should only socialise in groups of no more than six, or two households if greater.

2. Carry out a risk assessment if there isn’t already a relevant one in place.

3. Use of changing rooms should be minimised.

4. Congestion at self-service refreshment points should be avoided.

5. If alcohol is served, any food or drink must only be ordered and consumed while seated. If not, food may be collected but must be consumed while seated.

6. Ensure that the necessary facilities and cleaning products are available to maintain a clean environment.

7. Provide hand washing facilities and/or hand sanitiser for players.

8. To facilitate the NHS Test and Trace service, contact details for all people entering the club should be recorded and kept for 21 days. Many businesses, including those serving food or drink, are required to generate and display an NHS QR Code poster specific to their premises.

9. Consider providing a lawn-booking system, both to avoid congestion and to facilitate contact tracing if necessary.

10. The gathering limit for activities outside is 30, so there are no longer any restrictions on court usage.

11. If possible, avoid the need to share club mallets. Consider allowing members to borrow one for a while.

Advice to Players

1. Do not go to the club if you are experiencing any symptoms of a cold or flu, in particular a cough or high temperature. Use the NHS helpline and seek advice. For your own protection, follow the advice about self-isolation if you are, or are living with, someone in one of the vulnerable groups.

2. Familiarise yourself with your club’s rules and respect its risk assessment.

3. All players should observe social distancing at all times unless they are in the same household or support bubble. Do not shake hands before or after a game, nor congregate indoors in groups of more than six. Particular care should be taken in all doubles, including alternate stroke Association

Croquet and in Golf Croquet games.

4. Maintain strict hygiene standards by washing your hands and wiping down, particularly after touching internal surfaces such as toilets or door handles.

5. Wear face coverings when indoors, except when eating or drinking.

6. Use the court booking system if your club provides one.

7. If possible, dress appropriately prior to travelling to the club, rather than changing there.

8. Car sharing is now permitted, but is a matter of individual choice.

Changes Log

V1, 3rd March. First published.

V2, 26th March. Reviewed following publication of DCMS guidelines . Risk assessment published; scope of organised activity widened; washing equipment and use of face coverings indoors added; ban on spectators noted.

V3, 7th April. Limit on numbers for formal coaching increased from 5 to 6 plus coach, following review of DCMS guidance.

V4, 12th May. From 17 th May, limits on court usage removed. Use of clubhouses permitted, but with restrictions. Car sharing permitted.

Club COVID-19 Guidelines with effect from 17 May 2021


Limitations and protocols remain, as below. These are intended to keep our activities legal and responsible, and to keep everyone safe.  Within limitations safeguarding equipment will be provided and Guidance [Rules] published with which members should comply.  The decision to play remains entirely at the members’ risk.


A: Access and Booking


1.   First and foremost, do not come to the club if you or someone in your household is experiencing any Covid symptoms. Use the NHS website or helpline and seek advice. For your own protection, follow government advice about self-isolation and shielding if you are, or are living with, someone in one of the vulnerable groups.


2.   Only members who have renewed their subscription this season are permitted to play.

3.   You must book a lawn in advance on the club’s online booking system for individual games but for Club Sessions, wef 24 May, an 'on arrival' booking book to record names will be used..

4.   Booking slots will continue to be 1 hour 30 minutes. Do remember to check for lawn closure before going to the Club.

Covid 19

5. Covid regulations still require the names of all players to be recorded. Please ensure you do follow the booking instructions by adding all players' names for personal bookings..

6.   Parking permits are available on a 'first come first served basis'. If there is a cricket match then 4 permits will be unavailable. This leaves only 2, in effect 1.

B: Preparation

7.   Bring your own mallet and take it home with you after play.

8.   Remember to ‘swish’ the lawns if you are the first to play and swishing is required.


9. wef 17 May the Purple Owl restaurant will be open from 10amAM to 4pm daily. [Club wide Club Night on Wednesdays commence shortly and the restaurant will be open into the evening]

​10.  Please persevere with your own clips and bisques /extra turns arrangements.

11.  Access:

The Mallet Room and Hut 3 continue to be ‘unavailable’.

Cricket Pavilion lavatories will be 'freely' available 10am - 4pm. After that the current West Side door access using the key located in coded access box.

If you have to use the toilets please clean and sanitise after use.

C: Arrival and Setup

12.  On arrival, SANITISE YOUR HANDS.


13. Sets of croquet balls will be in the lawn 1 Shelter and Lawn 2 shelter.  Cleansing equipment is provided.  Wash the balls before use.

14. The first players of the day need to collect fresh water for the bucket[s] and then clean the balls in soapy water. Leave the bucket of water and washing up liquid for the next players.

D: Play

15.  Social distancing remains in force.

E​: After play

16. After play, clean the balls as usual and dispose of the water.